Serve You Bright

Serve You Bright™ Super C Crème is Available Now


Wanna C something? Serves You Bright™ Super C Crème is available now. This face crème helps brighten skin for a radiant complexion with a giant dose of Vitamin C. It also helps plump and hydrate your skin with cocoa and shea butters and is naturally fragranced with orange Crème. If you and your customers want to C a brighter and more even skin tone, try Serves You Bright, part of our new CORE line.

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The two remaining products from Core launch that are currently unavailable, Bare It All Simple Micellar Tonic (FF4052) and Aim to Tease Sulfate-Free Texturizing Spray (HR1014), will be coming soon. We are continuing to work to bring these products to you, and we will keep you posted here in the Newsroom when they become available.