It is with great anticipation that we have most of the pieces coming together to answer almost all of your pertinent questions.

Please know this was a collaborative effort and Innov8tive is working around the clock to meet and exceed your expectations. Ready? Here we go:


  1. Innov8tive has negotiated to clear all back orders and work to transition fully to Texas. Your Back Office is updating with tracking numbers. You will find this new facility operates similarly to Amazon, so get ready for high performance systems when it comes to you and your customers’ orders!

  2. Party Links—once the system transfer takes place, (our goal is for this to happen on Friday, June 10) you will have access to the Posh Empowered by Innov8tive NEWLY branded website. There you will find the “Customer Profile” link. This will perform as the “party link'' to which you’ve been accustomed. This link can be shared via social media and other platforms where the customer orders will attach. Parties calculate and close month-to-month, so get in the habit of front-loading your calendars! You’ve been taught this for some time now. 

Now, Host Rewards will operate a little differently. Your host(s) will earn “credit dollars,” the average of every 3 orders applied to the party.


Your party has 9 buying guests. For every 3 orders, the system will automatically calculate the average dollar amount of the orders; this average amount will be put into your account as credit dollars that you can use as you see fit.

If 9 orders come in, and the average on those sets of 3 are $25, $50, and $75, then the host will earn a total of $150 in credit dollars. They then can choose any items within that dollar amount and also “cross” product lines!

There will no longer be any exclusives. Should you decide to run a promotion this would come out of your pocket.

*As Silver Promoters you will earn 30% profits on the entire party! Promoters 1–3 will earn the appropriate percentage as stated in the compensation plan.


Host a $1,000 Party in July, the hottest month of the year, and earn 3 of each Innov8tive Nutrition patches, as a thank you. This is an example of how you can leverage the two product lines and get the word out on these amazing patches to your hosts!

Commissions from June 1–June 10, 2022 will be paid out via Hyperwallet, as usual. Keep your Hyperwallet account open until we are officially moved over and all funds have been used. Once this has occurred, please close your Hyperwallet account as you will incur fees for lack of activity per Hyperwallet’s policy.

Moving forward you will set yourself up with eWallet, once we are on the new system. 

Moving forward…

New enrollments—will go to your replicated website, pay the Annual Promoter fee, and then go and order their “cross” select products at a 15% discount. Currently, there is not a traditional Starter Kit, but this is under review. You can use Sezzle for this transaction. In fact, Innov8tive was the first to bring this to the industry.

Please continue in earning your Annual Award as this is the last month and tracking is in place with this one month being manual. Due to the new comp plan, and how volume is earned, this incentive, along with the MA will not carry over after June 30, 2022

Our UnCon convention is in full speed! Innov8tive is dropping everything to make this the best convention ever! The owners, along with some of their Leaders, will be attending and are over-the-moon excited to meet us all. At this time no UnCon refunds will be given, because we are on-track to over-deliver and your presence is completely supported. It's going to be a fabulous party, with our GiddyUp theme still in place,
along with announcing new incentive programs, such as the “Silver Diamond Jacket” club.

Lastly, Innov8tive is completely confident that everything in your Back Office will carry over into the new system; Consultant and customer info, along with everything concerning your organization. 

And so, needless to say we hope you are excited! We hope you are as ready for an amazing second half of 2022 as we are!
We are “Posh Empowered by Innov8tive!”

Please know, this is everything we have for you at this time. More communication will come next week.

Your Innov8tive Team

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