In an effort to keep you all informed, we have some business updates to share with you. Please read the news below:

  • Shipping/Smart Shipping–As of June 23, 2022, ALL Posh products have been moved to our new warehouse in Texas. Moving forward, you and your customers can expect great service and shipping times. Some orders before the acquisition are moving slower than we’d like. Also, the SmartShip program started happening last week. We are still working on adding some of the Posh products. Currently, we have 25 products loaded. We are adding others, so please be patient. 

  • Buy 5 Get 1–We will be taking down the B5G1 information and banners from the website. Starting July 1, we will be offering this incentive for any 5 products ordered. This will be a free product of the month and we will change them each month. Ingredients–We are working to add our Posh ingredients to the updated website. This update should happen soon; we’ll keep you posted as it is finalized 

  • Android–If you are an Android user, quick updates have been made to our system and you should no longer be experiencing any issues or challenges. If this is not the case, please reach out to

  • Samples–We know you are very excited to get samples to share with your customers. We are currently working on getting these added as quickly as we can. Stay tuned for updates on this. We will let you know as soon as they are available 

  • Host Rewards–We have heard your thoughts on a Host Rewards program and want you to know that we are currently working on updates. Please be aware that building out this program properly, so it provides what you need to successfully thrive, while simultaneously rewarding your hosts, is very important to us. As such, building this will take some time. There are a lot of moving pieces and logistics to consider when mapping and creating programs such as this and we will keep you updated as we have more information to share

  • Incorrect Orders–Incorrect orders that need to be moved are all on the Posh side. Please contact Customer Support. They are getting the green light to move these for you

  • Customers Purchasing From Multiple Consultants–Please note that when a customer visits the site, and they have shopped with multiple Consultants, a drop-down menu will appear for them to confirm their preferred Consultant (Promoter) 

  • Missing Products on Website–We are aware that Root Camp™ Hair Mist and Show Me What You’re Mermaid Of™ Hand Crème are missing from the website; we’re working to get the products set up for you and your customers

  • New Customer-Facing Website–We have launched a new version of the customer-facing website, so please feel free to take a tour and familiarize yourself with the changes. We are getting tremendous feedback from the Leaders today

As noted above, we’ll send out updated information as it becomes available. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and hard work as we build exciting upgrades for your success.

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