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Upcoming Events:

Start Date Event
6/24/2019 New To Posh Training Zoom
6/27/2019 Collaboration Circles Leadership
6/27/2019 Collaboration Circle: Part-Time Poshers
8/7/2019 Golden Ticket Leadership (Pink Plus 3 and Above)
8/7/2019 Indianapolis UnCon 2019 Leadership
8/9/2019 Indianapolis UnCon 2019
9/9/2019 Day Aways, 4 Cities (TBD)

Recent Events:

Start Date Event
10/1/2019 8N'T Posh GR8T Virtual Birthday Party
6/20/2019 Zoom Monthly Leadership update
6/17/2019 New To Posh Training Zoom
6/13/2019 Collaboration Circle: Part-Time Poshers
6/10/2019 New To Posh Training Zoom
6/3/2019 New To Posh Training Zoom
5/16/2019 Park City Platinum Retreat 2019
4/25/2019 Premier Pledge - Epsilon Class
4/17/2019 Spring Launch Party
4/16/2019 Virtual Core Catalog Update Launch
4/13/2019 Las Vegas Day Away
4/11/2019 Las Vegas Day Away Leadership
3/28/2019 Leader Calls
3/26/2019 Power Up to Premier
3/26/2019 Leader Calls
3/19/2019 Power Up to Premier
3/19/2019 Platinum/Exec Call
3/12/2019 Power Up to Premier
3/5/2019 Power Up to Premier
2/26/2019 Power Up to Premier
2/21/2019 Product Training
2/14/2019 Valentines Day
2/12/2019 Power Up to Premier
2/5/2019 Power Up to Premier