Posh Support 3/31 Hours
Note: If you are not able to chat in, don't worry. You can submit a support ticket under the category End Of Month and your inquiry will be solved before they pull the monthly reports.

Hyperwallet and New Recruit Information
  • Support will have a deadline to contact all new recruits to verify their accounts by 3/31 at 2:30 PM.
  • Instead of waiting for their call, feel free to have you recruit call into support to speed up the process.
  • You must submit a Support Ticket to the "Month End" category within the first 3 calendar days of the following month if they need a correction or exception. Tickets not submitted with the Month End category may not be found before monthly corrections are finalized.
  • Posh Support will review and resolve all tickets by the 4th calendar day of the new month.
  • Posh Support can see if and when Hyperwallet verification was attempted.
  • If you are going to recruit all the way up to midnight on the 31st, you must leave enough time for your new recruits' Hyperwallet accounts to be verified (this process only takes a few minutes).
  • Midnight (PT) is the end of month cut-off time for new recruits. Any recruits who sign up after that time will count toward April new recruits. 


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