As month-end approaches, we encourage everyone to remember:


  • As of May 1, recruits only count on the day their Posh Pay—INCLUDING Hyperwallet—account is completed. As you recruit new team members, be sure they completely enroll in the month of August so they count toward your awards. 
  • You can see if your new circle members have completed the entire enrollment process in your VO. 
  • Posh Support will have live chats open from 1 PM (MT) to 10 PM (MT) on Saturday, August 31st. 
  • If someone does encounter month-end issues, please screenshot and submit a Support Ticket prior to 11:59 PM (PT) the end of day September 3rd in order to ensure they count for your August numbers. 
  • We cannot guarantee those ticket submissions sent after month-end will be added to your August numbers. Exceptions will be at the sole discretion of the executive team and there will be no consideration to submissions made later than the end of day September 3rd. 
  • We strongly encourage you to get your enrollments done early. Be sure your new team members use the same email to enroll as they use to sign up for Hyperwallet (this was the primary issue at the end of May). 
  •  For Influencers and New recruits to make corrections on an order, you must contact Posh Support within 3 business days of the order being placed.



 Additional Info: 


Click here to find the Transition Folder inside the Posh Academy

Click here to watch the Join Process video 

Click here to find the Join Process FAQ sheet

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