The Stripper™ is in the spotlight this week! Don’t know much about her? Now is the time to really get to know this long-time Posh best seller!

Here’s the rundown: 


The Stripper™ Body Mud

Good for: 

Giving your skin a super good detox and deep clean; especially good under arms, on back and chest, and legs and feet


  • Charcoal and kaolin for detoxing and cleansing
  • Glycerin, safflower seed oil, and aloe to keep skin hydrated and calm


How to Use:

Apply anywhere from neck to toes—wherever you need some deep cleaning. Leave 1–15 minutes, then rinse. This is the perfect first step in your body care routine; afterward, try cleansing in your shower or bath.

Remember, this is a strong, deep-down cleanse, so we recommend doing a patch test on your inner arm before using elsewhere on your body, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

Note: It’s NOT recommended for your face! If you’re looking for a charcoal detox
face mask, check out Cackle Spackle™.


Intrigued? We thought so. And now is the time to give The Stripper™ a try! This week (through Sunday), it’s on sale for just $20.

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Terms and Conditions

Limited time only. While supplies last. Offer runs February 3, 2020 at 10 AM (MT) – February 9, 2020 at 11:59 PM (MT). Eligible for Buy 5 Get 1 Free during promotion. Not eligible for purchase with Perks or as Host Half-Off gifts during promotion. Subject to change.

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