Look out! Cold and flu season is sneaking up on us. Luckily, you can splurge on this pampering duo we created to help you feel better. 


Pamper Your Cold™ Skin Stick

Soothe your sinuses and ease discomfort with Pamper Your Cold Skin Stick. This shea-loaded stick is formulated with a blend of essential oils, like spearmint, eucalyptus, camphor, and cloves, to cool and comfort irritated skin, relax and ease muscle tension, and help you breathe a little easier while you’re unwell.  


Put it in your purse, pocket, and keep it near you so you can soothe your symptoms wherever you go. Simply apply it to your nose, upper lip, chest, temples, behind your ears, and your neck whenever you need to.  


Pamper Your Cold™ Bath and Shower Bombs 

These bombs infuse your bath and shower with pampering comfort when you’re feeling under the weather. A blend of eucalyptus, camphor, cloves, and menthol soothes sinuses, comforts skin, and helps you breathe easier when you’re under the weather. Magnesium eases muscle tension and discomfort so you can relax. And a combination of sea salt from The Great Salt Lake and coconut oil works to soften and moisturize dry skin.


Place the bath bomb in warm bath water, then sink in for some pampering relief or place the bath bomb on you shower floor to create a pampering steam. 


We have limited quantities of these pampering symptom soothers, so tell your customers to grab them today!


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BONUS! Some of our amazing leaders created a video about why they love these two products, how they use them, and why the new formula is better than ever!

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Additional Info: 

Sale Dates: September 20, 2019 at 10 AM (MT) – while supplies last

PV: Pamper Your Cold Skin Stick earns 15 PV and Pamper Your Cold Bath & Shower Bombs earn 25 PV

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Perks: Earns Perks; cannot be purchased with Perks for first 7 days of promotion

Host Half-Off: Not eligible for first 7 days of promotion


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Eligible for Buy 5 Get 1 Free. Not eligible for purchase with Perks, or as Host Half-Off product for first 7 days of promotion. Subject to change.
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