Hello There,

We have some very important topics to update you on. We’re hoping this communication will provide some clarity, cut down on emails to our Consultant Support Team, and help you feel confident that with Innov8tive’s help things are improving. Please read the following updates for today:


Order Updates

  • Orders through June 9, 2022 are leaving the warehouse and will be en route to you and your customers this week.

  • Orders from June 10 through June 20, 2022 will be shipping this week, as well.

  • Orders placed from June 20, 2022 and beyond with Posh and Innov8tive products will be shipping to you in the next three days.


Product Updates:

  • Hair Products without spritzers–It has come to our attention that our Making Waves™ Sea Salt Spray hair product and some of the Root Camp™ Refreshing Root Mist products were unfortunately not delivered with its spritzer. If you or one of your customers received this product without the spritzer, please email support at support@perfectlyposh.zendesk.com, including the order number, the item you are missing, and the address you’d like the spritzer shipped to before the end of the week. 


  • Sample Packs–We understand that some of you received one sample vs. a 20 pack of samples when you ordered your samples from the Posh Portal. Please email support@perfectlyposh.zendesk.com, using 20 Sample Pack as your subject line. Include your order number, the item you are missing from your order, and the address you’d like your replacement shipped to. Your replacement samples will be shipped to you this week. 



  • As of yesterday evening, Ewallet is now working on Innov8tive’s side.


We hope this communication provides you with the information and clarity you need. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to learn and grow with you. We appreciate all you do!

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