Perfectly Posh has recently experienced an increase in fraudulent enrollments. 

If an account meets specific criteria and is deemed fraudulent, the order is declined and the Posh Pay (HyperWallet) account is closed immediately.

If the account is only suspected of fraud, the order is held for 2 business days. In that 2 business days, Consultant Support places the account into a suspended status as they verify the account holders information. If they fail to verify with the account holder, the recruit and personal volume is removed and the account is closed. If the information is verified, Consultant Support initiates a welcome and the account, personal volume, and recruit remain. 

We understand 2 business days is a tight turn around, but due to the Good Vibes Incentive Cruise we have to move quickly to ensure that individuals can correctly calculate their incentive trip points. We recommend that as you work towards the cruise that you do not rely on points generated from enrollments that you have not been directly involved in recruiting. 

Due to the increase in fraudulent activity, Perfectly Posh did an audit of the past 90 days and placed some enrollments into the fraud process. We know that this can be frustrating for those that earned the incentive or for legitimate enrollees who want to purchase product. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will be patient with us as we work to protect you and the company from fraudulent activity. 

If you feel a mistake has been made, please use the proper escalation channel with support, and we will work quickly to resolve any concerns.

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