Your Tribe, Their Tribe, Our Tribe

Fact #1: We love shea butter.
Fact #2: Shea butter is a luxurious ingredient in over 41 Posh products.
Fact #3: We help over 600 women in Gizaa-Gundaa, Ghana, by buying shea butter from them.

We believe the importance of empowering through a pampering time out for people here, there, and everywhere. Even as far away as Africa! With your unyielding support of shea butter and Shea Sisterhood Co-op, we’re finally ready to give you an exclusive first-look at what we’ve been up to in Ghana.


In mid-March, our friends at the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) completed a soft opening of a Posh pink Shea Sisterhood Warehouse and Processing Center.


There was dancing, celebrating, and an appearance by the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan, as the ribbon was cut and the center officially opened for the shea season.


Over 600 women will utilize this space for their work this year and the years to come, effectively quadrupling their income each season.


Our warehouse opening is only the beginning, and we need your help to continue supporting these women and their families. Using and sharing Posh products made with shea butter is a great start; the Always Ghana Love You™ Chunk Bath Bar, the Giant Healer™ Skin Stick, and the new Tribe Vibe™ Chunk Bath Bar all have direct donations to the Shea Sisterhood fund! With your help, we’ll be working directly with our Shea Sisterhood on additional projects to support them and their families.

“My dream for Perfectly Posh was more than just products that nurture the skin. I wanted to create a platform for women everywhere to feel beautiful and strong; to take ownership of their life and create something wonderful for themselves and their families.”- Ann Dalton, CEO of Perfectly Posh

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