We appreciate your patience as we refined the Host Rewards Store, and we're excited that it's here! Please see the video below to help you know how to redeem the rewards. 


We have revised how the Host Store will work, so a few things to know: 

  • Once you have hit the Close and Redeem button on your party, your rewards will be available
  • As long as you have at least one product in your cart, you can go to your rewards and click redeem, this will add the coupon to your cart
  • This will add a pink button to the top of your cart, click on that button and you can add your awarded number of products for that coupon
    • Note that you can only redeem one coupon per cart
  • With this new solution for the Host Store, it does limit how many products we can have in the store at a time. We are currently limited to 50 products in the store. We have opened up the visibility into the store, so that everyone can see what's available to redeem, however, these cannot be purchased outside of the Host Rewards Program.


We have also done an audit on parties that were closed prior to this push to clean them up: 

  • When you close and redeem a party, you will get either a 1x Exclusive Coupon, a 2x Exclusive Coupon, or a 3x Exclusive Coupon.
  • If you apply a 3x coupon to your cart, you can get 3x exclusive products with it. 2x gives you 2, and 1x gives you one.
  • If you had multiple 1x coupons for the same party, these were automatically swapped for a 2x or 3x coupon.
  • If you had 1x coupons from parties that were not closed yet (due to a bug in the system where parties created before the cutover still earned the coupons in real-time), these were removed. You will get them back again once the party is closed and redeemed.



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