Starting tomorrow, March 15, at 10 AM (MT), Buy 5 Get 1 Free will become a code. This makes Buy 5 work a little better with our other promotions, plus it will integrate with Perks a lot more smoothly.

NOTE: Due to a system issue, the Perks functionality will not go live on March 15, but will be available soon after. Thanks for your patience.

Here’s what you need to know:

There will be no more toggle button to turn Buy 5 on and off; you have to put the code "B5G1" into the promo code box on the right.


Hit enter and apply the code:


As always, you have to have 6 Buy 5-eligible products in your cart for the code to work. Remember, the lowest-priced item will be the free item.


In the past, it was more difficult to use Perks with Buy 5, especially when purchasing multiples of the same product. Now, they integrate much better.

For example, if you buy 7 Posh Boss™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crèmes and apply the B5G1 code, 5 of the hand crèmes will be your qualifying products and 1 will be free. That leaves a seventh hand crème left over. In the past, you couldn’t use Perks on this item, but now you can!

If you have Perks available and have qualifying products in your cart, you will see the option to add Perks to those products. If you applied Perks to the seventh hand crème in the example above, you will see it move to its own line (shown in the screenshot below). That way you can easily see which items you used Perks on.


If you make your Perks selections and then add additional products to your cart before checking out, your Perks selections will be reset. Therefore, we suggest applying your Perks when your cart is finalized, and always double check that your Perks are applied just how you want them before you check out.

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