We hope you’re excited for our new Influencer Movement!


Pay Plan

After evaluating our current compensation plan, we decided that we could come up with something that offered a more generous opportunity for all, appealed to lots of people, encouraged sales and recruiting, and, last but not least, was easy to understand.


Under this new plan, almost everyone will see their paychecks INCREASE! With our new, structure, you focus more on working your business and sharing Posh with people in your sphere of influence. You can even calculate your paycheck so you don’t have to guess every month!


Check out the Potentializer on your VO to find out what this Pay Plan means to you and your business!



Say goodbye to “Consultant” and hello to “Influencer”! Our new term for all of our Posh business owners is now “Influencer.” “Consultant” was a little outdated and with our new shift to focus on YOU and your sphere of influence, “Influencer” was the perfect fit! You Have Influence. Watch Ann's presentation from the Day Away on what it means to be a Posh Influencer. Click HERE to watch.



In the new Pay Plan overview, you’ll see that our bonus structure has changed. You can now earn either the Monthly Growth Award or the Leadership Pool. (PS—the Monthly Growth Award is “topless” so there’s no limit to the amount you can earn!)


Activity Requirements

With our new structure, there are no activity requirements. If you want, you can really work your business for a few months, and then you can take what you’ve earned and go on vacation! Or you can make Posh a full-time gig...it’s up to you! You only have to pay a $10 Annual Account fee once a year. This includes your Posh Pay and Hyperwallet account fee, locator placement, and access to your VO and replicated website.


These are just a few of the main points from our new Influencer Movement. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!


When you’ve reviewed the document, join us for a Zoom call to hear from Home Office executives about this new Influencer Movement. Jump on any call at any of the times listed below. Click here to join.


Today, 4/3

7 PM (MT) – 8 PM (MT)


Tomorrow, 4/4

10 AM (MT) – 11 AM (MT)

7 PM (MT) – 8 PM (MT)


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