Stay clean and ready for anything with our new Cactus Makes Perfect™ Hand Cleanser!


Equipped with a mister, you’ll be able to cleanse your hands even when you aren’t near soap and water.

  • The 70% Ethyl Alcohol formula helps to keep skin clean while soothing aloe vera keeps skin hydrated.
  • Plus, you’ll be pampered with the Cactus Makes Perfect™ fragrance you know and love. Prickly pear cactus combined with fresh peony so you can stay calm, cool, and clean all day long.

Quantity: 40,000
Price: $16.00
PV: 16

  • Product available in portal for consultants only
  • Limit of 4 per cart
  • Only $5.99 economy ground shipping is available for this product.
  • Due to delayed shipping timelines, orders could take three to four weeks to arrive.
  • We apologize that at this time we can not ship Cactus Makes Perfect to U.S. territories, APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
  • This is a presale, product will begin shipping June 2, 2020.


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Terms and Conditions:
Offer begins May 29, 2020 at 10 AM (MT) - While supplies last. Eligible for Buy 5 Get 1 Free. Not eligible for purchase with Perks or as Host Half-Off gift. Subject to change.

Why is Cactus Makes Perfect consultant facing and why the limit of 4 per cart?
We understand that the cart limit is not ideal for sharing with customers. After the Down with Dirty sale, we had many consultants frustrated that they were unable to obtain Perfectly Posh hand cleanser for their family.

In an effort to build trust with the field, we are providing all consultants with an opportunity to purchase hand cleanser. We have an additional shipment of Down with Dirty Hand Cleanser Gel (5oz) that will arrive in tentatively two weeks that will be customer facing with a higher limit.

What if we don't sell out of Cactus Makes Perfect on May 29, 2020?
If we don't sell out, then on May 30, 2020 at 10 AM MT the product will be moved customer facing and the limit raised.

Why do we only have the $5.99 economy shipping option available, this has been extremely slow and has caused concern in the field?
Due to prior concerns regarding leakage, we have capped all hand cleanser and provided the mister separately. We have also bagged each product.

However, because alcohol is flammable and the increased packaging does not contain the absorbent pad the 1.7 oz can not ship air.

The delays in $5.99 shipping is another reason why we chose to offer this particular product consultant facing. To avoid broader concerns, with consumers.

For more detailed tracking on Pitney Bowes, please click here.

What about those consultants who had the Down with Dirty hand cleanser in their MRT, but were unable to redeem?
We have held back 5,000 of the Cactus Makes Perfect hand cleanser for those who were unable to redeem their My Reward Tab drops. These will be available to redeem next week.

What about those consultants and consumers who didn't receive their original Down with Dirty orders?
Those orders will process with Cactus Makes Perfect as soon as inventory arrives early next week.
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