Core Out of Stock:
In Too Deep™ Nourishing Hair Mask (Returning in June)
Gilt Trip™ Face Serum (Returning in June)
Coconuts About You™ Chunk Big Bath Bar (Returning in June)
Don’t Get Tide Down Hand Crème (Returning in June)
Jungle Juice™ Big Bath Bar (Returning in July)
Honey Honey™ Body Crème (Returning in August)

Mad for Magnesium™ Body Butter (Returning in 2021)
CBD Tinctures (Returning in 2021)
Fake it Til You Make It™ (Returning in 2022
Cann I Be™ Skin Stick (Returning in 2022)

LTO’s (Limited Time Only):
Spooky Brew Bath Bomb 6pk 7,168
Baby Its Cold Outside Bath Bomb 6pk 11,039
Time Oat Bath Bomb 6 pack 11,417
You’re So Sappy Lip Balm 4,324
Spiced Latte Lip Balm 3,178
Clove at First Sight Balm 6,138
I’m Sweet On You Body Mister 13,985
Hand it To Ya Hand Renewing Hand Creme 8,421
Gettin’ Handsy Renewing Hand Scrub 1,866
Hold My Hand Renewing Hand Serum 5,210
Spice to Meet You Body Butter 1,412
Love to Love You Bath and Shower Oil 1,515
If You’ve Got It Haunt It Body Cream 6,393
Time to UnWine’d Body Creme 14,718
Witchy Wash Shower Jelly 15,550
Love to Love You Body Creme 7,762
Forbidden Fruit Valentine’s Perfume Roller 7,078
Cactus Hand Cleanser 1.8 oz 6,837
Down With Dirty Cleansing Hand Gel 5 oz 26,326
I’ve Beard Here Before Shave Gel  5,000
@ Ease Body Lotion  2,500

Down With Dirty Bath Bomb 6 pack 1,669
Swipe Peony Moisture Tint 2,166
Swipe Red Carpet Moisture Tint 1,871
Young Love Body Creme 925
Give Him Gel 9,220
Rebound Face Mask 1,447

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