Core Out of Stock:
Sassyooma™ Exfoliating Jelly Wash (Mid November)

Upcoming Core Out of Stock:
Beeautiful Hand Crème
Block it Like It’s HotReformulations:
Fake it Til You Make It™ (Returning in 2022)
Cann I Be™ Skin Stick (Returning in 2022)

Recently Retired:
Jungle Juice™ Big Bath Bar
Nothing Phases Me™ Face Serum
Hold Me™ Primer
Pick Up Lines™ Eye Crème
Flash Dance Swipe™ Moisture Tint
Plums Up Swipe™ Moisture Tint
Brazilian Bombshell™ So Soapy
Cann I Be™ So Extra Orange & Vanilla CBD Oil
Happy Dance™ Mood Supplement
Dist’ Herbed™ Hand Crème
Down with Dirty™ Hand Crème
Sage Yourself™ Hand Crème

LTO’s (Limited Time Only):
In-Cider Big Bath Bar 9,000
Soap-prise Party Big Bath Bar 15,731
Cake it Easy Face Mask 17,500
Squad Ghouls Face Mask 9,600
Boo Do You Think You Are Bath Elixir  8,200
Steep with One Eye Open Hand Crème  10,706
Scream Queen Hydrating Body Wash 9,976
Spooky Brew Bath Bomb 6pk 2,476
Baby Its Cold Outside Bath Bomb 6pk 9,350
Time Oat Bath Bomb 6 pack 10,199
I’ve Beard Here Before Shave Gel 4,238
At Ease Body Lotion 1,697
Clove at First Sight Balm 3,322
Here’s the Peel Lip Balm 4,060
I’m Sweet On You Body Mister 12,044
A Fig Deal Hand Crème  4,122
Hand it To Ya Hand Renewing Hand Crème  4,534
Hold My Hand Renewing Hand Serum 1,282
If You’ve Got It Haunt It Body Crème 1,072
Time to UnWine’d Body Crème  11,822
Witchy Wash Shower Jelly 10,365
Love to Love You Body Creme  5,103
You Had Me At Aloha Shower Jelly  8,802
Forbidden Fruit Valentine’s Perfume Roller 5,315
Cactus Hand Cleanser 1.8 oz 4,231
Down With Dirty Cleansing Hand Gel 5 oz 23,952
You’re My Boo Body Scrub 518

Mad for Lav Bath Salt 1,451
Go To Rehab Bath Salt 657
Rebound Face Mask 264
Pick Up Lines Eye Crème  248
Happy Dance Mood Supplement 13,018
Hold Me Makeup Primer 5,944
Swipe Peony Moisture Tint 1,005
Swipe Plums Up Moisture Tint 2,392
Swipe Red Carpet Moisture Tint  527
Swipe Flash Dance Moisture Tint 300
Dist’ Herbed Hand Crème   8,497
Down with Dirty Hand Crème  3,023
Sage Yourself Hand Crème  4,568
Give Him Gel 7,325
You’re a Smoothie Body Serum 2,615

Host Store:
Mojito Me Fizi (4 pk) 1,207
You Go Coco Chunk 6,316
So Soapy Brazilian Bombshell Soap 4,421
So Soapy Mellow-Out  5,422
Two To Tango Hand Crème  3,395
Do the Conga Hand Crème  139
Mistletoe Madness Coconut Oil 3,650
Deja Brew Body Scrub 2,430

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