Hey Team! Here is your weekly Retired and LTO inventory update.

Impish Eyes Eye Serum Sample (20pk) SOLD OUT
Toes Before Bros Foot Mask Sample (20pk) 8900
Never Grow Up Serum (20 pk): 3400
Envy This Face Mask Sample (20pack): 250
Whole Lava Love Facial Exfoliator Sample (20pk): SOLD OUT
Pore Chores Face Mask Sample (20pk): 8400
Gel Yes! Gel to Water Face Moisturizer Sample (20pk): 2800
Bring on the Bubbly Lip Oil Sample (20pk): 3800
Indigo Girl Whipped Body Butter Sample (20-pack): 5700
Mad For Magnesium Body Butter Sample (20pk): 700
Good Hydrations Lavender In Shower Lotion Sample (20pk): 4900
The Stripper Body Mask Sample (20pk): 4900
Mad for Lav Bath Salt: 5800
Go To Rehab Bath Salt: 2400
Coming Up Roses Milk Bath (8 oz): 2300
Spa Day Fizi 6 Pack Pouch: 2400
Sweet Lavender Fizi 6 Pack Pouch: 2400
Down With Dirty Bath Bomb 6 pack: 8300
So Soapy Beach Blanket Soap: 6500
Chatter Chunk: SOLD OUT
Here to Shea Bath Bar: 8100
Rebound Face Mask: 5200
Moss Be Love Face Mask: 1300
Bee Yourself Skin Stick: SOLD OUT
Pore Chores Face Mask: SOLD OUT
Night Nurse Lip Treatment: 4200
Nice Melons BFYHC: 18000
Twilight Zoned BFYHC: 18000
Coming Up Roses BFYHC: SOLD OUT
Gender Bender Body Scrub: 13500
Young Love Body Creme: 4800
Give Him Gel 14000
You’re a Smoothie Body Serum 10900
Trop The Beat Cann I Be So Extra CBD Oil 1800
The Ritual Face Mask 5800
Hips Don’t Lie Body Creme 2300

Love You to Peaches Chunk: 5419
Stay Cool Face Mask: 2250
Sweet and Seedless Lip Balm: 3519
Oh Peaches Lip Balm: 5136
Sugar Coated Lip Balm: 5091
Lookin’ Sharp BFYHC: 1684
Stay Cool! After Sun Lotion: 54
Absolute Passionfruit Coconut Oil: 955
Cactus Hand Cleanser 1.8 oz: 13506
Down With Dirty Cleansing Hand Gel 5 oz: 35000
Aloe You Very Much Body Scrub: 15143
Play Date Coconut Oil: 11152

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