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Fraudulent Order Requests

We receive occasional reports from Consultants who are concerned about fraudulent order requests. Here are a few things to watch for. Fraudulent orders usually come in the same basic email format. First, the sender will request to place an order and explain that they will send payment using a cashier's check or money order (alternatively, they may offer a credit card number which will decline and, at that point, they may attempt to pay with a cashier’s check). They may then ask for your personal information (full name, telephone number, address, etc.) and claim that they will send payment before you place the order. Sometimes they submit a personal check that bounces (or is rejected) within a 48 hour period. If you receive a request like this, be cautious! You should never give out your personal information or send an order without collecting payment, no matter how legitimate it may seem. A real customer should only need your email address or telephone number and will always pay you first.