We have a system in place that may put an order of yours or a customer’s into a “review” status. All orders go through a filtering process and due to different factors, an order could be placed under review. This system is in place in order to protect you as the Consultant, Posh as a Company, and the cardholder itself.

You can view which orders are under review in your order history. These orders are held and manually released after being reviewed. In most cases, these orders are typically cleared within 24-48 business hours. When the order is cleared, it will keep the original date that the order was placed, it will move to the status of processing, pending, or completed in your order history. You will then see it reflected in your party’s PV (if it was in a party), paid commissions, and correctly reflected in your volume ledger.

There is no need to call Support to get your order cleared, those orders are already in a queue and being reviewed by a separate team. There are some orders that may need verification, those individuals will be contacted with an outbound call by the Support team to get processed. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we work on getting your pampering products out to you in a hurry.

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