Last update: 08.11.2020


2020 Core Products

Low Inventory Core Products:
Honey Honey Body Creme (Estimated Stock Out Date: 09/26/2020)
Don’t Needle Me Face Mask (Estimated Stock Out Date: 09/30/2020)

Out of Stock Core Products:
Buzz Peel Skin Resurfacing Body Peel (Estimated Return Date: TBD)
Wassup Peaches Hand Crème (Estimated Return Date: 08/20/2020)
Impress Me Moisturizer (Estimated Return Date: 09/11/2020)
Beeautiful Hand Crème (Estimated Return Date: 09/18/2020)
The Healer Skin Stick (Estimated Return Date: 09/18/2020)
Well Adjusted Toner (Estimated Return Date: 10/09/2020)

Retired Products

Low Inventory Products:
Coming Up Roses Hand Crème (Estimated Stock Out Date: 08/13/2020)
Hips Don’t Lie Body Crème (Estimated Stock Out Date: 08/18/2020)
Chatter Chunk (Estimated Stock Out Date: 08/21/2020)
Cackle Spackle Face Mask (Estimated Stock Out Date: 08/28/2020)
Mad for Magnesium Body Butter (Estimated Stock Out Date: 08/28/2020)
Fresh Creamy Milk (Estimated Stock Out Date: 09/03/2020)
Bee Yourself Skin Stick (Estimated Stock Out Date: 09/08/2020)

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