This list of Out of Stock and Discontinued products will be updated on Tuesdays. Last update: 9.20.2019.


Core catalog products that are currently out of stock:
Bright Young Thang Face Wash (Will be back into stock by no later than Friday 9/27/19)


Retired Products:
Cold on Hold AMU
Muscle Through AMU
Sleepy Sleep AMU
Bubble Up AMU
Energizing Fizi 6 Pack
You Apricaught Me! Body Polish
Where You Bean All My Life Chunk
Show and Gel Hydrating Body Gel
Good Hydrations In Shower Lotion
Bare It All Simple Micellar Tonic
Serves You Bright Super C Creme
Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum
Prize On The Eyes Eye Cream
Cheat Sheets Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Mask
Envy This Face Mask
Hot and Gold Face Mask
Social Butterfly BFYHC
Posh Boss BFYHC
Ain’t that the Youth BFYHC
The Purifier Skin Stick
The Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick
The Perk Skin Stick
Just Chillin Giant Cooling Skin Stick
The Healer Giant
Vial Primer Primed
Vial Lip Shade Mocha Me
Vial Lip Shade Beyond the Pale
Vial Lip Shade I’m Touched
Vial Lip Shade Get Some
Vial Lip Shade Against a Wall
Vial Lip Shade Fuschia Looks Bright
Vial Lip Shade Don’t Be Cordial
Vial Top Coat Decked Out
Vial Top Coat Oh My Fleck
Vial Top Coat Wanna Be On Top
Glare Silver Screen Liquid Eye-Lighter
Glare Be So Gold Liquid Eye-Lighter
Lil Snarky Perfume Roller
Lil Snarky Fizi 3pk
So Soapy Lil Snarky Soap
Defiant Naked Youth Serum
Defiant Uplifting Eye Cream
Defiant Gimme a Boost Face Moisturizer N/C
Defiant Gimme a Boost Face Moisturizer Dry
Sassyooma BFYHC
Beach Blanket BFYHC
Brazilian Bombshell BFYHC
Sole Sister Charcoal Detox & Cooling Clay Foot Mask
Toes Before Bros Hot Wrap Foot Mask
Too Hot to Spot
When in Foam



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