Our Development team aims to deploy new features and bug fixes on Thursday nights, and we want to keep you informed about them. Look for posts like this on Fridays with all the updates.


Potential Customers — Leads Dashboard

  • When a potential customer is contacted via the email or phone number fields on the Potential Customers page of the Leads Dashboard, we now update the associated task and mark the lead as contacted.

Tasks Dashboard

  • When a user leaves the tasks page, then comes back, they will now be taken to the page they were previously viewing or the task they previously clicked on.

Products Dashboard

  • If a product code has different variations like HH1234 and HH1234-0, statistics will now be combined into one product, instead of being shown as separate products.

Task Type — Team Member Reactivation

  • When anyone in an Influencer's Frontline or Secondline reactivates their Posh account, a task is generated for the sponsor to reach out and say "welcome back."

Task Type — New Recruit

  • When anyone in an Influencer's Frontline or Secondline receives a new recruit, a new task is generated to reach out and say "good job" to the sponsor (your Frontline or Secondline member, not the recruit).

Task Type — Achievements

  • Adds tasks and sends notifications when Influencers earn achievements to remind them to complete them.


Contacts — Export

  • Added missing zip code to contact exports.

Contacts — Timeline

  • Fixed issue where contacts with no UID or email had orders that weren’t theirs in the timeline.

Virtual Events — Live Chat

  • Made Virtual Event chats more usable under load.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the User Number was shown instead of Name.

Downline Report

  • Show the full phone number and email in downline reports instead of just icons.


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