Last night we released some updates to your VO that you might have noticed. Most of the updates are on the back end that will help us better support you, but there are still many things that you will see that will help you in your Perks Dashboard!

  • Earning and spending Perks will still work the same

  • Gifting Perks will still work the same

  • You will have more details on your Perks balances, including:

    • How many Perks are expiring next, and when they expire

    • It has a running balance in the widget that will work similar to the Ledger

  • It is now mobile friendly (yay!)

  • Parties will work a little different with how the tiers are awarded, we know there have been some issues here in the past, and all of those should be resolved with this fix

Note: in working with our prior vendor in switching our accounts, we found that Perks were not properly expiring. With this, some may have seen a drop in Perks as we corrected this issue throughout this process as well.

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