Congratulations to the Rock Your Body Giveaway winners! Winners were pulled at random from the responses to the questions we asked in the chat and on Posh Bosses during the Rock Your Body launch event. Winners will receive a Posh product in their My Rewards Tab by the end of the week (unless otherwise stated). 


Karalee Mora’s presentation

(Chat) Name our 4 core values:  

Authentic, Powerful, Sassy, and United


  • Michelle Beech, Pink+3 - VA

  • Mickey Schoepfel, Pink+1 - NY

  • Janica Dever, Pink+3 - WY


Katelyn Soffe’s presentation

(Chat) Name 2 of our don'ts: 

Phthalates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, 4+ EWG Ingredients


  • Margery Talley, Silver - VA

  • Sue Proulx, Pink+2 - NY

  • Sarah Baird, Pink+1 - OK


Katie Robinson’s presentation

(Chat) How do you build your brand?: 

Time, Consistency, Connection, Trust


  • Stefanie Santie, Pink+1 - WA

  • Nicole Laboy, Pink+2 - FL

  • Carey Self, Pink+1 - TX


Amy Comiskey’s presentation

(Posh Bosses) What's your vision for 2021?: 

Open ended


  • Charice Hoptowit, Pink - TX

  • Sommer McQueen, Pink+2 - NE

  • Lisa Coyle, Pink+1 - MO


Alyssa Brown & Jessica Peryea’s presentation

(Chat) Why do we avoid having crucial conversations?: 

We are afraid of losing that person, hope things will improve by ignoring them, scared the issue will get worse, rationalize the issue, and had previous bad experiences


  • Tia Gaskins, Protégé - DE

  • Kendall Murray, Pink - NJ

  • Susan Burbank, Pink - IN


Pat Sheehan’s presentation

(Chat) Finish this sentence: Now that we have the momentum we push through and we do not stop, pause or coast___: 

We build!


  • Kelly Decoteau, Gold - AL

  • Loralee Leisenring, Pink - NY

  • Kristine Williams, Pink+3 - VT


Angie McKinley & Nicole Pearsall’s presentation

(Chat) What is the first step in goal setting?: 

Mind set matters


  • Candice Preston, Pink+3 - AZ

  • Melissa Blanks, Pink - VA

  • Brittany Angotti, Pink+1 - WA


Shannon Sommers & Eva Flood’s presentation

(Posh Bosses) Which event are you most looking forward to attending?: 

Open ended 


  • Liz Niles, Pink+3 - IN

  • Jaime Vasas, Pink+3 - PA

  • Sheri Grushesk, Pink+3 - MA


Walter Bond’s presentation

(Chat) What is your biggest take away from Walter's Presentation?: 

Open ended 


  • Kelly Bebout, Pink+3 - CA

  • Shabana Sameja-Welker, Pink+2 - NC

  • April Lanning, Pink+3 - PA

*Copy of Walter Bond’s book: Book: Swim!: How a Shark, a Suckerfish, and a Parasite Teach You Leadership, Mentoring, and Next Level Success. This will be sent out to the address you have on file in your Posh account shortly. 


Alli Ellsworth’s presentation

(Posh Bosses) What new product are you most excited for?: 

Open ended


  • Leanne Moffat, Pink - NY

  • Jenny Bowman, Pink+2 - CO

  • Sarah Sauka, Pink+3 - NY


Ben Caballero’s presentation

(Chat) What are the 3 reasons to utilize autoship in your business?: 

Autoship can help them increase repeat orders, it can help them stabilize their monthly income, and it can help them earn more overall


  • Sarah Parham, Pink+3 - OH

  • Jessica Stonebraker, Silver - CA

  • Laura Haerle, Pink+1 - IL


Lisa Constantine’s presentation

(Chat) How do you show your resilience?:

Open ended


  • Emily Anderson, Pink+1 - IA

  • Candace Senese, Pink+3 - IL

  • Henriette Vickhammer, Pink+2 - MT


Jackie Pepe’s presentation

(Chat) Name 1 of the 5 steps to throwing a party:

Prep, engage, recommend, follow up, upsell/ask


  • Melissa Hayes, Pink+1 - CA

  • Theresa Robey, Pink+1 - PA

  • Heather House, Pink+2 - CO


Melissa Huckfeldt’s presentation

(Chat) What do you do to get out of the comparison trap?:

Break your own limits, outgrow your old self, plan to outdo your past.


  • Jordon Dittrich, Pink - IN

  • Jill Janov, Pink+3 - PA

  • Megen Osborn, Pink+2 - IN


David Van’s presentation

(Chat) Accept then _____:



  • Michael Ryan, Pink+2 - CA

  • Heather Sarver, Pink+1 - OH

  • Maritza Parrilla, Protégé - FL



(Posh Bosses) What was your favorite part of Rock Your Body?:

Open ended


  • Amalia Crowell, Pink - CA

  • Logan Smith, Premier - IN

  • Melissa Meader, Pink - CO

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