Sample Bundles will be in the Portal today! These bundles come with a pack of 20 special sample cards and at least one pack of 20 samples to easily share Posh. Some of the samples are retired, but that doesn't mean they're not awesome and won't get customers hooked on Posh!

The cards feature additional Posh pampering to complement the sample, so even if that particular product is no longer available in full size, you can suggest a few newer, similar products that they'll love just as much (or maybe even more!).

Here are the different bundles you can choose from:


  1. Naturally Pampered Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 BFF samples
  • 20 Never Grow Up Crème samples
  • 20 Never Grow Up Serum samples

BFF, Never Grow Up Serum, and Never Grow Up Crème have been fan faves for years. If you have new customers looking for amazing, simple skincare, tell them to start here with this bundle of all 3. This pack comes with samples and cards to make 20 sets. The card has info and instructions on all 3 products, plus it suggests more Posh your customers will want to try if they love these samples.

 2. Clean Up Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Field Better Soon samples

Though Field Better Soon Chunk is retired, it's still amazing, and these samples will be your customers' gateway into the amazing world of our purely pampering BIG bath bars. The sample card has info about Field Better Soon on the front, and then a list of even more Chunks to try when they've finished their sample. Comes with 20 cards and 20 samples.

 3. Play Footsie Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Toes Before Bros samples

Get customers to treat their feet and turn their bathroom into a spa with Toes Before Bros. This sample set comes with 20 sample cards and 20 Toes Before Bros Foot Mask samples. The card has info about how to use Toes Before Bros, plus it suggests a full at-home Pedi routine with our other Play Footsie products.

 4. Wake Up Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Moisturize 911 samples
  • 20 Bright Young Thang samples

This sample bundle helps customers wake up their tired skin. Get 20 samples each of our best-selling Bright Young Thang Face Wash and Moisturize 911 Face Moisturizer for the ultimate complexion wake-up call. Plus, the card comes with more suggestions for products to try, or feel free to suggest your fave tired skin routine.

 5. Take it All Off Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Stripper samples

If you want to hook customers with something super unique and totally Posh, try the Stripper. This bundle features 20 Stripper samples and 20 sample cards with all the amazing ways you can pamper with this unique, classic Posh product.

 6. Perfect Pores Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Pore Chores samples

Help customers pamper their pores. Pick up this bundle with 20 sample cards and 20 Pore Chores samples. The card gives full information and instructions for Pore Chores on the front, and suggests more products for pores on the back.

 7. Hardworking Hands Sample Bundle Includes:  

  • 20 sample cards
  • 20 Ain't That the Youth samples
  • 20 Right on Cue samples
  • 20 Hello Sweetie samples

Treat customers to this bundle of samples so they can experience our amazing hand crèmes and treatments. Each bundle comes with 20 sample cards that talks about why our hand crèmes are the best, plus 20 samples each of Ain't That the Youth, Hello Sweetie, and Right on Cue.

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