EOM Hours

Tuesday 6.30.20 - Chats only from 5 PM (MT) - 12 AM (MT)


New Recruit Join Visibility 

Over the past couple of months we’ve had to add extra steps to the verification process for new recruits to protect against fraud. Recruits must now pass our AI-driven fraud checks before they are able to be counted as verified recruits. We have added two new fields to the ‘New to My Team’ widget on the Summary Dashboard in the VO to help Sponsors see where their new recruits are at in this process.


Day Away Updates 

This years UnCon will be a virtual event as you all know and tickets are still available. As for the next event, Dayaway is planned for Nov 6th & 7th. More info about Day Away will be mentioned during UnCon, so be sure to tune in!

New Economy Shipping Process 

Operations has been working diligently to bring you an improved economy shipping solution. Starting June 23, 2020, Perfectly Posh will be using a different shipping carrier for economy shipping. We will transition to FedEx Smart Post for the majority of economy shipments. FedEx Smart Post is a service that may use USPS for final delivery. This change to Smart Post will provide a better level of service during this time. As we move forward, we will continue to reassess economy shipping options.

Support Spotlight 

This weeks' Support Spotlight goes to Kourtney Miles! She was last weeks top agent that had the most interactive agent in chats with over 250 inquiries. With a engagement score of 100%! Way to go Kourtney!


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