We are currently working on RMAs submitted on Monday. 

UnCon Packages 

We started mailing out packages yesterday and a big chunk will be sent out later today. They should all be shipped by the end of the week. Since Home Office will be sending these manually and not through our warehouse the tracking will not be sent to your email as usual. The majority of the orders will ship UPS. If you have the UPS app, you should get your tracking status there. Those orders that are PO boxes will be shipped USPS.

Support’s Goal for incoming Inquiries  

The last few months have been very challenging for Support with Pitney Bowes shipping, responding to open inquiries in a timely manner, and a high call/chat volume. Calls and chats were getting to wait times that were up to 2+ hours, which is unacceptable. With Support being able to work longer hours last week, bringing on more staffing, and working on tickets tomorrow. Next week we should be or very close to responding to all within 48 hrs. 

Along with that Call times goal under 10 mins and chats and chats under 5 mins. 


Support Spotlight 

Goes to Allyson Fiedel. Ally has been here for almost 5 years and she has always been an outstanding agent and very dependable. A month and a half ago she went into the doctor due to having hearing loss. She recently got back from her surgery and picked up where she left off. Having her positivity and ability to always come to support with a smile on her face is very encouraging and inspirational. So if you have time to talk or chat with her give her a hug thanks!!!! 

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