Economy Shipping Process 

For 2 week now we have been using the new shipping carrier for economy shipping FedEx Smart Post for the majority of economy shipments. The tracking status and delivery updates on those orders are all within our timeframe. There might me slight delays due to covid but for the most part working as intended. Although, if your order was placed before june 23rd, your order might still be in transit for 3-5 weeks. If there is no tracking update within 10 business days then follow the process of submitting a rma form for replacement.

New Recruit Visibility 

You now have new features in your VO under in the section new to my team. The hourglass will be the icon that is used for what is still needing to be verified. Once they have the starter kit approved and the HW verified they will have a check mark. That is when you will have credit for them as a recruit. Please allow 24 hrs for their sk to reflect if they have already called in.


We recently have done an audit and saw that perks were not expiring as they should. If you see less perks in your account that is the reason why. It will have a note by it as well so you know it was from Posh. This week we had a fix that now gives you more visibility on perks in your account, which ones are unspent, and the next date that perks will expire in your account. 

Party Perks  

There were some perks missing that have not been applied for the end of month. A script was pulled and those were credited correctly. 

Duplicate Tickets   

How to see what your current ticket status is.

-Log into the VO and click on Influencer Support

  • On the top right under your name click on my activities.

  • you will now see all the tickets under your account that was created and other tickets you were CC'd on. It will provide the ticket number, date created, the last response you had with support, and the ticket status.

  • If you see that you have duplicate tickets, you can go into that duplicate ticket and mark as solved. (this will help minimize the tickets that support has)


Support Spotlight 

Goes to Tiffany Hotchkiss. She has done an excellent job and completed well over 500 replacements alone for last month.

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