Starting May 1, there will be some significant changes to Posh Facebook pages.


Most importantly, Team Posh will be merged with Oh My Posh.

(That means we have stopped accepting new people into the group.)


We invite all of our Influencers and customers alike to follow us on Oh My Posh.


With our new and improved social strategy, Oh My Posh features more product education, links to blog posts, fun images and gifs to share, and more! We’ll be incorporating more business highlights into our social strategy on this page, so customers will have more insight into the Influencer life as well. It’ll be a more cohesive way for us to talk to everyone, share product information, and raise our brand awareness. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waiting to get accepted! Anyone can easily follow the group.


As Influencers, you’ll also be able to answer questions that customers have if they’re looking into starting their own businesses.


PLEASE REMEMBER: This Facebook page is NOT a place for you to promote your personal business, sell products, or recruit. Being too pushy on this page can turn people away from Posh. Please use your own personal Facebook pages to promote, sell, and recruit.


Additionally, remember that negativity will not be tolerated on this page. Constructive criticism is fine, but any sort of negativity, bullying, etc. is not acceptable. As a representative of the company, being negative can deter customers from purchasing, affecting everyone’s businesses, and reflects poorly upon Posh as whole.


Failure to adhere to our Community Guidelines can result in consequences, including removal from the page.


For in-depth product info, we’ll still have all of our product training sheets in our Asset Library and the Posh Academy.


The Premier Chit Chat Facebook group will remain active.



For the past few months, we’ve been announcing promotions on the Newsroom the night before they launch. This will no longer be the case. We will post about promotions as they launch, usually at 10 AM (MT).


If you are a leader in the Premier Chit Chat group, promos WILL continue to be announced the day before launch.


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