Support is within a 24 hour response time on RMA requests.


Current Tickets & Stats   

Support is within our 48 hour response time for Support tickets. This week Support has an average waiting time for phones under 2:08 minutes and chats under 1:57 minutes.


Jamaican Me Crazy Incentive Update

As you all know we normally have a fun incentive live with our creative director, Zach Jones, on Wednesdays at 3PM (MT). Since the Incentive closed out on March 31st and we are still finalizing the reports for the month of March, the final Incentive live will take place on Friday, April 9th at 3PM (MT) here in Posh Bosses so we can ensure we communicate the correct amount of earners and shout some of you Posh Bosses out! An announcement post will go up here in Posh Bosses on Friday morning to give you all a reminder to tune into that live.

New Academy Training Course Updates

We have some more exciting news!!! We have new trainings available in the Academy! Our Business Development team has been working with some amazing Posh Consultants to get some new trainings added to help you and your business grow! Be sure to check those new training videos out. A newsroom post has also been made so you can read what to expect when you log into your Virtual Office.

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