Support is within a 48 hour response time on RMA requests.


Current Tickets & Stats   

Support is striving for excellence with their service level by responding within 24-48 hours of your ticket(s) being created. Support has an average waiting time for phones under 2 minutes and chats under 1:30. 


Rating Tickets

Support is aware that some tickets that you receive about the detailed notes for your phone call do not have the ability to rate the agent's service. This is something that we are working on with our Zendesk team and should be working within the month. This is important that you tell your team and customers to rate those tickets. The leadership team reviews those ratings on a weekly basis and offers kudos, coaching, or whatever it may be according to the comment.   


Offer Perks

Consultants are still able to share perks with your customers. You can find this located in the VO under task. You will go to your contacts, select your contact that you will like to apply the perks, and then send the gifted perks. 


New Catalogs 

With the new launch we have released 2 versions of the catalogs. One in Spanish and the other in English. Please make sure you pass on to your teams to double check that they have selected the correct version they are wanting before checking out their shopping cart. A replacement or perks will not be offered for this error.

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