Support is currently working on RMA’s from yesterday. We will continue to work towards a 24-48 hour response time to ensure you and your customers have the best Posh experience.


Current tickets and Stats    

Support had an increase of tickets above our average due to the month end inquiries. Support is currently under 250 tickets and response time is a bit over 48 hrs. It is our goal to be within 24-48 hours by Friday at the latest. 
The weekly average wait time for phone calls and live chats are 3:40 minutes, but today the average is under
one minute. 
With the month being finalized, the commissions payout should be expected sometime today.


Order showing delivered but not received 

FedEx Smartpost had a system issue for orders between September 30 - October 2. Orders that were in processing were assigned an incorrect tracking number and shows it was delivered. Support has a list of all affected orders and everyone will be receiving the correct tracking number shortly this week via email. 


Extended Hours For Support     

Support has extended their hours on Saturday's from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (MT) for live chats and phone calls. Last weekend was a low inquiry weekend. Support will still remain open on Saturday's for the time being to help support each of you and your customers. Please pass on to your team if they need any help during the weekends to reach out to our Support team via live chats or phone calls.


Support Spotlight 

The spotlight this week goes out to Eva Flood, Perfectly Posh's Events Manager. Eva's birthday was October 1st and she spent it working hard in the sun. Eva made sure all Consultants that earned the Cancun incentive had a great experience and everyone arrived home safely. She has been doing an amazing job taking over Perfectly Posh’s events with what we can do during this pandemic. Next time you see her on Facebook Live or put up a post, make sure to give her a huge thanks and show her some Posh love!

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