Do you or your customers love our Cann I Be™ CBD Oil Drops, but wish they relaxed you even MORE? Wish no further!


Launching February 25 and 10 AM (MT), the new Cann I Be™ So Extra drops are what you need! Where our regular Cann I Be bottles feature 225 mg of CBD, So Extra has 1,000 mg per bottle!


Pick up a bottle to add SO much more relaxation to your pampering routine.


When you do get your bottle, however, we recommend testing in very small amounts until you find the right amount for you. Remember So Extra has over 4x the amount of CBD, so a little goes a long way!


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Additional Info:

PV: Earn 109 PV

Buy 5: Not eligible for first 7 days of sale

Perks: Earns Perks; cannot be purchased with Perks for first 7 days of sale

Host Half-Off: Not eligible for first 7 days of sale


Terms & Conditions:

While supplies last. Not eligible for Buy 5 get 1 Free, purchase with Perks, or as Host Half-Off gift for first 7 days of sale. Subject to change.

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