The holiday season is upon us and we have lots of exciting things coming up! Here’s what we can tell you.


Have you seen the new features in the VO yet? We just launched third and fourth downline reporting and the Leads Dashboard is launching later this month.

Third and Fourth Downline Reporting

Learn more about third and fourth downline reporting here.

Leads Dashboard — LAUNCHING DECEMBER 3 at 2 PM (MT)

The Leads Dashboard will be your new way to keep track of the customer leads you might get from Perfectly Posh. If you’re not familiar with the leads program, here’s how it works:

  • Anyone who gets 500 PV and 1 new recruit in a month is eligible to receive a new customer that comes to Perfectly Posh without an Influencer

  • These leads are distributed in a round robin style and they will be cookied to the Influencer assigned to them

  • Anyone who hits the 500 PV + 1 new recruit milestone also gets a list of 10 “orphaned” customers (or customers whose Influencer is no longer active)

    • These customers will be assigned on the 15th of the following month

    • They will NOT be cookied to the Influencer; the Influencer is responsible for reaching out through the dashboard and building a relationship

      • Once they order through their new Influencer, they will be cookied to them

    • If the Influencer does not reach out to these orphaned customers within 30 days, they will lose them and they will be assigned to another Influencer who earns the milestone

With the Leads Dashboard, you will be able to see each lead and their shopping habits to help you tailor your messaging to them, and ultimately keep them as a customer!


This month we’re hosting a special broadcast to chat about events in 2020, give you some product sneak peeks, and more! It will also give everyone a look at our new and convenient way of broadcasting to you. Stay tuned for more details!


The shipping cutoff for holiday delivery is Monday, December 16.

Due to inclement weather (and because we can’t control the Post Office), we can’t 100% guarantee that your items will arrive before Christmas, but we will do everything we can on our end to make sure you get your pampering gifts in time!


Because the shipping cutoff is December 16, Splurge is launching EARLY so you have time to pick some up as gifts. Look for an exciting new product on Friday, December 13. 


The Starter Kits are the same as November. Remember, at this time, residents of U.S. territories are only able to purchase the $30 kit and must pay for shipping.

Here are the 2 options:

Starter Kit 1 — $30*

This small kit comes with these business tools:

  • Mini Pink Ink™ Catalog (1 single)
  • Pay Plan Cards (10 pack)
  • Pampered Reading Cards (1 set)
  • Opportunity Card (10 pack)
  • Pick Your 6 Notepads (3 pack)
  • Spanish Starter Kit Card
  • Includes Annual Account fee of $10

Starter Kit 2 — $99*

The large kit comes with these products and samples:

  • Gender Bender™ Body Scrub
  • Beach Blanket™ So Soapy
  • Honey Honey!™ Body Crème 
  • Very Sleepy™ Skin Stick
  • Show Me What You’re Mermaid Of™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème 
  • Beach Blanket™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème Samples (20 pack)
  • Right Back at Ya™ Face Cleanser and Mask Samples (20 pack)

View Starter Kit Flyer 


This month, your Hosts can earn some fabulous Posh! Here’s how:

Host a PTO with...


$250 by December 16

Night Nurse™ Nourishing Lip Treatment

$500 by December 31

Glistening Skills™ Luminizing Peppermint Face Oil

$1,000 by December 31

Swipe™ Red Carpet Moisture Tint and Ice Queen™ Peel-Off Face Mask

Prizes are cumulative

View Host Rewards Flyer


The recognition party continues with Rapid Risers, Premier Pool, and Monthly Madness!

Monthly Madness

The top 3 Monthly Growth Award earners will get a coupon code for $100 of Posh, plus a special medal!

Rapid Risers

Twice this month, we’re rewarding the 3 new Influencers who hit both InstaStart milestones the fastest. Winners will come from 2 qualification periods: December 1–15 and December 16–30. Earners will receive a Giant Healer™ Skin Stick and a special medal.

Premier Pool Party

The top 3 Premier Pool earners in December will get a coupon code for $100 of Posh, plus a special medal!

See details here


Please note that Home Office and Posh Support will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. We will be open on New Year’s Eve.

Check out this month’s calendar! 

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