Things are getting spooky in September! Here are a few things we have going on:


Things are going to get spooky this month, but that’s no reason to be on edge! All month long, all Cann I Be™ products will be on sale for 10% off so you and your customers can chill whenever things start to get too scary!

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Our Spooky products are launching this month! Keep an eye out for them!


Our new Starter Kit box is here! We’re so excited to debut this amazing new box. When you open it up, you’ll see all the products neatly placed into a special tray, and when you remove it, underneath is where you’ll find all the tools and samples. Check out our video that showcases the new box and the products for September, and then share with all your potential new recruits.

There are still 2 options you can purchase, but only the $99 kit comes in the new box.

Here are the 2 options:

Starter Kit 1 — $30

This small kit comes with these business tools:

  • Mini Pink Ink™ Catalog (1 single)

  • Pay Plan Cards (10 pack)

  • Pampered Reading Cards (1 set)

  • Opportunity Card (10 pack)

  • Pick Your 6 Notepads (3 pack)

  • Spanish Starter Kit Card (a new card with instructions on how to find new tools in Spanish in the Asset Library)

  • Includes Annual Account fee of $10

Starter Kit 2 — $99

The large kit comes with these products and samples:

  • Sassyooma™ Jelly Wash

  • Brazilian Bombshell™ So Soapy

  • Honey Honey!™ Body Crème 

  • The Healer™ Skin Stick*

  • Lady Limoncello™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème 

  • Beach Blanket™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème Samples (20 pack)

  • Right Back at Ya™ Face Cleanser and Mask Samples (20 pack)

*The Healer will come in its older, dark blue packaging, but it’s still the same amazing product!

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This month, your Hosts can earn some fabulous Posh! Here’s how:

Host a PTO with...


$250 by September 14

Gender Bender™ Chunk Big Bath Bar 

$500 by September 30

The Stripper™ Body Mask

$1,000 by September 30

Cackle Spackle™ Face Mask and Plums Up Swipe™ Moisture Tint

Prizes are cumulative

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Important Note: Triple points on PV have been extended through September 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM (MT) 


We’re just 15 days away from the cutoff for the NYC trip Incentive prize! Be one of the first 4 Influencers to earn 25,000 points by September 15 to earn a trip for 2 to New York City, including Hamilton tickets, entrance to the ipsy party, and much more!

And don’t forget that the Birthday Incentive ends September 30!

View the tracker to see how close you are to your goal!


The recognition party continues with Rapid Risers, Premier Pool, and Monthly Madness!

Monthly Madness

The top 3 Monthly Growth Award earners will get a coupon code for $100 of Posh, plus a special medal!

Rapid Risers

Twice this month, we’re rewarding the 3 new Influencers who hit both InstaStart milestones the fastest. Winners will come from 2 qualification periods: September 1–15 and September 16–30. Earners will receive a Giant Healer™ Skin Stick and a special medal.

Premier Pool Party

The top 3 Premier Pool earners in September will get a coupon code for $100 of Posh, plus a special medal!

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Spooky is launching, but we’ve also got a SPLURGE for you on September 20! 


Plus, don’t forget to check out this month’s calendar! 


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